Shop Until You Drop

Everyone loves getting a bargain when they are in Lombok. Here are the main places you need to go for shopping in Lombok. These shops have everything from Electronics to token gifts for family at home.


This is where you go to find textiles, art and random things like masks and other traditional gifts. Designed for tourists to take a little bit of Lombok away with them – this is a big souvenir shop.

Mataram Mall

This building looks like a scene from Power Rangers and was for many years the only mall in Lombok.

This mall has a host of different shops to walk through. It is mostly local so you will not find any high end brands here but you will find things are very cheap. If you are looking for a bargain on clothes then head to Matahari which is located on the second floor. You can get some genuinly good quality stuff here at a fraction of the cost.

You can also find mobile phone and camera shops here. Upstairs there is a McDonalds and on the ground floor there is a KFC.

Lombok Epicentrum

Lombok epicentrum is what most people would expect to find in a major city. Glamoror and big brands. Things here come at a price – but are no different to what you would expect overseas. Boasting a cinema, kids play area and 40 different restaurants. This fully-air conditioned mall is world class and will have you shopping until you drop!