Tanjung Aan is a long paddle (400m). So only head here if you have the paddle strength. The wave here is predominantly a right hand break however it also breaks left from time to time. The water is deep and so it also makes it a great location for practicing if you are an intermediate surfer. If going to Tanjung Aan we recommend that you don’t leave any valuables in your bike. Take 50,000 RPH (in 10,000 RPH notes – to pay for fuel, water and some food) but don’t take anything else.

The second image shows the beach at low tide and in the background (where you can see whitewash) the rock that Tanjun Aan breaks on. Nasty stuff if you are surfing on a low tide – so our recommendation is to always go 2 hours after the low tide point. This will ensure the water is deep enough for you to surf safely and you still get a couple of hours of incoming tide waves.


Easy of getting to: Easy

Scooter proficiency required: Suited to beginners

Beach Quality: The best in Lombok in our eyes

Cleanliness: Clean

Food quality: Medium

Safety: High

Surf: Intermediate (long paddle)