Mawun Beach

Mawun is probably the quietest of all the beaches because its off the beaten track. Literally – the road sucks and you should not attempt to go there if you are not experienced on the scooter. A little bit of rain and this becomes dangerous. You won’t find much here. Just crystal clear water and not a building in sight. Feel free to take our snorkelling gear with you when you go because the water here is clearer than most other beaches on the south coast. You’ll find the right hand side of the beach (when you are facing the beach) has the best snorkelling. Just be careful not to get smashed by the waves there.

You’ll get great tropical photos here with the forest reaching into the ocean and beautiful soft sand. Around the area there are also Tabacco farms and corn farms and the image of people with the pointy straw hats is idyllic of the region.

There are a couple of intermediate waves here and also waves for the pro. Beginners stay away – the reef here is dangerous.

There are a few places to eat at here we think they might be owned by the same person. They also take about 1 hour to serve the food – so settle in while you wait.

Easy of getting to: Medium

Scooter proficiency required: Experience required on dirt road.

Beach Quality: Superb

Cleanliness: Clean

Food quality: Medium

Safety: Medium

Surf: Intermediate-Pro