Don Dons is one of the best beginner waves in the world on a 4-5 foot swell. It breaks over seaweed and loose rocks also. This wave breaks both right and left. The right is a lot steeper than the left.  On a high tide the wave does not tend to break in though the middle and the wave splits into two distinct peaks. So we recommend going to Don Dons when the tide is coming up or going down. When the tide is outgoing – the waves steepen up and throw a little more and can be more difficult for beginners.

On a 10-12ft swell, this wave will barrel and challenge the most advanced surfers.

If you are a beginner – a few tips for surfing this wave;

  • Paddle out by going around the wave when your ride finishes. It will be a lot easier than forcing yourself against the endless whitewash that will hit you head on and tire you.
  • On a big swell Don Don holds you down under water for a little longer than the other waves because of how thick it is.
  • If you cannot duck-dive deep – then you will get pinned in the middle even with a short board.


Formation: Loose rock and seaweed

Easy of getting to: Easy

Safety: Throws on outgoing tide

Surf: Beginner to Intermediate