Gerupuk Restaurants

Gerupuk does not have a lot of choice for food – but what it lacks in choice is made up by quality. Because the village is so small you can walk to all of them (longest walk 10 minutes from one end of the village to the other).

We can stand by these recommendations because all of our friends have eaten here without getting sick and the food has been fresh.

5 minute walk from Gerupuk Homestay


The local bakery owned by our friends Alex and Paulita – Amazing vibe and healthy options for the discerning foodie! The food here is all vegan. Local organic produce sourced and made by locals that they have trained. Alex was a pastry chef in Sweden – so you can just imagine the quality of the food.

This is THE most sustainable business that we know of in Lombok. Although the both of them are not there all the time– if you ever get the chance to spend time with them do it because they are so chill! Inspirations to every other expat in Lombok both care immensely for the environment and for the people of Gerupuk and we love supporting this business because of this.

You can find the Bakery in front of the Banyu Surf Shop and the Surf Camp Café at the end of the road in Gerupuk.

Shake n Bake

Upstairs above Gerupuk Homestay


Upstairs from Gerupuk Homestay. This is by far the best local food in Gerupuk. Pak Leh has worked in high profile restaurants his whole life. Simply presented food that is delicious. Our recommendation – The Mixed Seafood and Chumi-Chumi (grilled squid in garlic) and the Ayam Bakar Taliwang (Grilled chicken in a coconut sauce)– we have never had a meal here which we did not love! Ask them what is fresh and they might even cook you up something special.

Orange 27_batch

2 minute walk from Gerupuk Homestay


Walking into the Japanese restaurant in Gerupuk (Kai Kai  Ramen Lombok) is like stepping into another world. This cute little space (6m x 3m wide) with polished wood interiors can only sit about 15 people. You feel like you are walking into a snow cabin and are immediately greeted with big smiling faces of staff members and the heat-relief of an AC restaurant. The owners have 11 restaurants in Japan and started up this business to live the surf life. Our favorite dish is the Ramen Special – and as tradition goes – the flame that cooks the Ramen never turns off. We love eating here because like the other businesses – locals are employed here and have been trained to do the cooking also.

Don’t forget to leave room in your belly for the coconut ice-cream. To die for!

Special Ramen

15 minute walk from Gerupuk Homestay


Maxim is the owner and is one of the most chilled blokes you will meet. The resort has been tastefully designed to blend in with the surrounding landscape. We believe that this resort has the best view of any resort in Lombok because it overlooks pristine reef and then in the backdrop – huge limestone walls dropping into the ocean. When you go here – you will forget you are in Gerupuk Village and could easily think you were in a luxury Greek hotel. The menu is light and healthy and while you wait for your food -you can take a dip in the beautiful pool. The staff are warm and friendly. You’ll get the photos that make all your friends jealous and get fed too.

10 minutes walk from Gerupuk Homestay


Jen is one of the local fisherman here. He goes fishing in the morning and then comes back and cooks the fish with his wife Rusty. Nothing beats fresh fish and the food is simple. Must try the fish and chips they serve up here. It is to die for. Always playing in the background are classic surf videos – a perfect rest stope to top up your protein and get a beer aswell.


10 minute walk from Gerupuk Homestay


Edo is the legend of the village and was the first business running here. The restaurant does beautiful Indonesian food and has a great vibe in the afternoons and evenings. It is one of the bigger establishments so head here if you are travelling alone and are looking to meet others. Edo also runs the village supermarket called Gilang where you will find an assortment of things.


15 minute walk from Gerupuk Homestay


Positioned precariously on the side of the hill is the largest of the resorts in Gerupuk. Here you will be served local cuisine cooked by local chefs.

The view is spectacular and we can highly recommend that you go here for a sunset meal as the restaurant overlooks the village and in the background is Mt. Rinjani. Best part is that you can also have a game of pool at the pool table they have setup there with a range of alcoholic spirits to choose from also.