Gerupuk Bay. Spelled Grupuk and Gerupuk we don’t know what the correct way is. What we do know is that we have some of the best waves in Lombok.

All of these waves require a boat to get out to. So if you have muscles like Hercules then go ahead and paddle out. If you are fat and unfit like me however – you’ll want to get a boat out to the waves. The cost of a boat out to the waves depends on who you go with but varies between 150,000 -200,000 per session. Each session being 3 hours.

It is at this point we remind you to ALWAYS GO SURFING WITH AN ACCREDITED SURF INSTRUCTOR. Whilst the locals are great surfers – some are terrible teachers (on many occasions put their guests lives and the lives of others at risk by pushing learners into waves that are too big – or straight into other beginners)

We recommend contacting Tommy who runns Tommy Surf Lombok and is an accredited surf coach with qualified instructors working for him. He also has fixed prices for his services so you don’t need to worry about bargaining. Alternatively – check out our surf packages which are competitively priced if you are time limited and only have a few days to surf. Tommy offers a stand-up guarantee. So if you don’t stand – you don’t pay (conditions apply).


Surf: Beginner-Intermediate

Easy of getting to: By boat from Gerupuk Homestay

Scooter proficiency required: Beginner from Kuta to Gerupuk Homestay

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