Local Hospitality.

Welcome to your home
away from home.


We have lived in Gerupuk for most of our life. Tommy has been a surf guide for his whole career (he has never had a guest that could not stand up on the waves). Ben is an accredited PADI Divemaster and has worked all over Bali and Lombok in this capacity. We bring our fun history to our business in Gerupuk.
We’re a small, family business. As you will see, this business is all about us having as much fun as you. This comes natural to us. We were born here. It is why we don’t just sell you a product, we ourselves live it. We’re about people who want to put themselves out there, challenge themselves, meet new people and experience a new culture. Our small homestay means you have our undivided attention but you also have the opportunity to get to know guests from around the world.
When you come to Gerupuk Homestay we encourage you to participate in the activities that take place in the community. Our staff will do whatever it takes to make your time here is safe, pleasant and unforgettable as possible.
If you are searching for cheap hotels & accommodation in Kuta Lombok, Indonesiathan just take a look around our website to find out if Gerupuk Homestay is for you. If you would like to book the whole place for yourselves – please email us.
These are our values.


Because we are nothing without family. When guests travel long distances to stay with us we will not just be a place where they stay – you become our family.


WE want to be the best hotel in our little village. Best in service. Best in cleanliness. Best in hygiene. Best in friendliness.


We’re adventurers. At Gerupuk Homestay we’re always on an adventure. Jump on the boat, organise your own trip with the maps provided, drink coconuts on your own secluded beach while cooking fresh fish you’ve caught on the way there over a beach fire. Do whatever you want. Grab a picnic basket and go on an adventure. You will enjoy our cheeky and adventurous spirit – if the surf is down – then we are always up to show you something new.





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